Garage Kose - Refunded after 4 months, but not in full!

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Hi -

After literally hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls, I had to threaten legal action. Only THEN did they refund BUT had the audacity to take the price off on one illegal tyre! I was forced to buy two, which they sourced, but they were barely legal. THEN, they refused to refund my thousands of euros in expenses!

Never mind all the stress of travelling there, paying a break-down service, hotels, flights, and worse.

These people are a disgrace!

They are the worst possible company I have EVER had the misfortune to deal with!

AVOID them at all costs!!!

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Garage Kose - Car broke down and they're doing nothing.

I travelled from the UK to Brussels. I said it had to make it to my holiday home in Bulgaria. They said it would. I bought the car, paid extra to replace illegal, bald tyres, drove it away, and the next day, it broke down.

I had to pay 350 euros for a tow-truck, 2 nights in a hotel, train to Munich, diagnostic which found deadly faults, a flight to Bucharest, then car-hire.

They left me stranded, don't answer calls, texts or emails.

When I threatened legal action, nothing happened.

Then, after complaining on social networks, a lawyer's letter came promising a refund, plus for the tyres, but not my expenses.

I emailed back, asking how I'd be refunded, and nothing.

I've emailed the lawyer 4 times.


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